Code Of Conduct and Enforcement

Carpenter Memorial Library                                                Code of Conduct and Enforcement Policy

Basic Rule: The Carpenter Memorial Library is committed to providing library visitors with quality service in a safe and welcoming environment.  The “basic rule” of patron conduct is that library patrons are expected to refrain from any conduct that interferes with the business of the library and staff, unduly disrupts the library activities of other users, or creates a risk to public health or safety.

Enforcement: Library staff have the right to intervene to stop disruptive or prohibited activities and behaviors.  Library staff may ask the disruptive person to leave the library premises for the remainder of the day.  Law enforcement may be called to support library staff in resolving a disruptive situation if the disruption is severe or continues after repeated warnings or the disruptive person fails to leave when asked, or creates additional disturbance while leaving.  Repeat offenses may result in a longer term of exclusion from the library or may require law enforcement to invoke a criminal trespass.  Enforcement of this policy will be conducted in a fair, consistent, and reasonable manner.

Conduct which has been specifically identified as unacceptable includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Criminal activity
  • Damage, destruction, or theft of library or patron property
  • Creation of disruptively loud noises
  • Loud conversations, including loud cell phone conversations
  • Audible profane or inappropriate language
  • Disruptive, aggressive, or violent behavior
  • Computer viewing or printing of illegal or inappropriate materials (please refer to posted Library internet policy)
  • Emitting strong pervasive odors, including odors caused by perfume or cologne, that unreasonably interfere with library user or staff comfort, safety, or enjoyment of library services
  • Depositing bodily fluids on library property including furniture, collections, equipment
  • Destruction of library property
  • Sexual misconduct (such as exposure or sexual harassment of patrons or staff)
  • Bathing, shaving, or washing clothes in restroom or spending an excessive amount of time in the restroom
  • Alcohol and drug consumption or sale
  • Smoking or vaping in the building or within 25ft of public entrances.
  • Sleeping, camping, or loitering on library property


Adopted by the Library Board 10/17/2023



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