Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality of Library Records

The policy of the Carpenter Memorial Library is to safeguard access to patron library records and restrict access to that information only to the authorized card holder or to the parent or guardian of a minor.


  • Patron records shall not be made available to any requestor except upon receipt of an order or subpoena authorized by law.
  • The library record of a child has the same confidentiality protection under library policy as that of any other patron.  However, the Carpenter Memorial Library requires parental responsibility for all materials checked out by children for whom they have given signed permission for a library card.  Therefore, parents or legal guardians can request information about their child’s library record regarding misplaced, lost, or damaged library materials.
  • The library may need to disclose information regarding the records of delinquent patrons with overdue materials or fines to the city’s collection agency.  Information for collection purposes to be provided as necessary.
  • For picking up items on hold, a patron may indicate which party can act on his behalf by sending his or her library card with another party.
  • Any problems or conditions relating to the privacy of circulation records which are not provided for in this policy statement shall be referred to the Library Director, who upon proper study of the issue, and as necessary upon the advice and counsel of the City Attorney, shall render a written decision as to whether to heed the request.

Adopted by the Library Board 10/17/2023





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